About the vegetable alchemist

Michael Foley is one of the first of the JAMES BEARD AWARD winning chefs. He has traveled and worked in over thirty countries. His Printer’s Row Restaurant Group operated a winery, a vineyard, an organic farm, and 5 restaurants including Printer’s Row the flagship, the remake of the Mobil 5-star Le Perroquet and the restaurant at Tabor Hill Winery in Michigan. He serves as a consultant with restaurants, food, beverage and equipment companies nationally and internationally. He has represented the United States government overseas for over a decade and been on the board of four culinary schools. In its early stage of development Michael was invited by NASA to be part of discussion surrounding the kitchen and food on The International Space Station. As an experienced organic and biodynamic grower, fully trained in the beverage industry including wine, beer and spirits pairing right down to production and bottling, Michael has worked religiously for quality from the soil to the plate with farmers, growers, manufacturers and distributors for over thirty years from the soil and sea. Michael has published columns or recipes featured in the Chicago Sun-Times (An American Chef), Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Wine Spectator, GQ, Esquire, Saveur, Food & Wine, USA, New York Times, Town & Country, and Hotel Food and Beverage Magazine. He has also appeared on TV and in radio throughout his career. One of the originals of The Great Chef television series, his extensive industry experience and knowledge from manufacturing to design, make him a sought after consultant by companies looking for the simplest of ideas or the most complicated reshaping. Michael works from his Chicago studio and has access to strategic partners throughout the world. Presently he is developing his own idea of a body-based cuisine called Cell Cuisine™. This as well as his chef-driven food and fitness based lifestyle are the subject of his upcoming book, Vegetable Alchemy™: The New Architecture of Food. Specialties Business Turn-around, Branding, Market Trends, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Pilot Manufacturing, Commissary Operations, Food and Beverage Menu Development from QSR to Fine Dining

Get Fit with Fish

Simple Easy, Fun and Friendly.  
What more could you ask for from a beautiful 6-7 ounce 
piece of Pescatore?!  If you love that endorphn rush 
from your workout, it will be a whole lot more 
' rushier ' with a lean body built from clean, 
flavorful protein from a great cooked piece of fish!  
Nutritionally dense, efficient calories and 
cell building, Shake your Fins with FISH for easy, 
lean and tasty!  

Pan Roasted Spiced Whitefish 
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Preparation Time: 5 minutes

For the rub
1/4     cup chili powder
1       Tablespoon curry powder
2       teaspoons celery salt
1       teaspoon dry mustard
1       teaspoon oregano
1       teaspoon parsley flakes
1       teaspoon onion powder
1       teaspoon garlic powder
1       teaspoon white pepper

For the fish
1       Tablespoons butter
2       6-7 ounce pieces, boned skin on Whitefish

Mix together all ingredients. Store in air-tight 
container until ready to use.  

To prepare fish, take it out of the refrigerator.  
Using a paper towel, pat dry on both sides. 
Rub both pieces of fish on each side with 1 full 
teaspoon of this spice mix.  

Warm a ten inch skillet over medium heat, add the 
butter and when it stops foaming, slide in each piece 
of fish skin side down.  Cook 3 minutes over medium 
heat until the edges just start to show a little white.  
Turn, and cook two more minutes.  

Remove fish to a tasty pile of seasoned green beans or 
slivered zucchini, dressed lightly with vinegar, olive 
oil and a drop of two of lemon juice. 
May All Your Fish Come True.  


Simple Ways to Cook Fish

Almost daily at events, demonstrations or out and about I hear people ask about how to cook fish.  They are thinking they need a recipe but even before that, the cook has to understand how to COOK fish.

Launch your love to cook the fish properly.  Practice, practice, practice, different kinds of flat, thick, oil, lean and lake or sea catch with simple seasoning, rub of garlic and/or squeeze of lemon.  Pay attention to how you buy the fish and try to separate it from other groceries.  It is not like meat, poultry, vegetables or dairy.  Try not to leave it in the car while watching your kids basketball practice!  Get a small folding thermal pouch and ask for some packing ice at the fish counter. Maintaining the fresh quality is the best start to insuring good cooking. I designed these simple tips to help.even the fish sing when we cook them!

Three Easy Methods to Prepare Fish

Cooking directions: 4-ounce, 1-inch fillet
Cook fish when ready to eat.

Prep: Bring your seafood to room
temperature, and heat grill to medium.
Flavor: Brush with oil, then sprinkle with your
choice of rub, seasoning, herbs and/or spices.
Grill: Wipe grill with an oiled cloth. Cook
fish gently 3 minutes on the first side turning 
and finishing another 2 minutes on the second or 
until almost cooked through. Remove to plate 
and tent loosely with foil to keep moist and warm.

Prep: Bring fish to room temperature and
pre-heat oven to 350˚.
Flavor: Brush with oil, then sprinkle with your
choice of rub, seasoning, herbs and/or spices.
Cook: Place fish in a foil pouch and bake for
20 minutes. Remove from oven. Open pouch slightly to 
let some steam escape. Let rest in foil pouch until 
ready to serve .

Prep: Bring fish to room temperature and
heat a pan on medium heat.
Flavor: Brush with oil, then sprinkle with your
choice of rub, seasoning, herbs and/or spices.
Cook: Add one tablespoon of oil or butter to pan
and slide in fish. Cook fish gently 3 minutes on the
first side turning and finishing another 2 minutes 
on the second or until almost cooked through. 
Remove to plate and tent loosely with foil to keep 
moist and warm.

hello world……shake your fins with fish

Brook Trout

Fish: Fabulous, Interesting, Sexy with a Halo to eat, this protein is the magic ingredient to some of the finest food I have ever appreciated cooking as Chef or consumer. Forgiving to all when understanding its needs.  Mercilessly bland, boring, and odoriferous when not. You can spend a quarter for a lemon, or fifty bucks for a sauce but truth known, it’s about the cooking, as fish will deliver on taste, whether investment or not.
Fish, a  protein with opportunity so clear that dollar per dollar on growing and yield, it outperforms poultry, pork, and meat.  Lean for weight watching, rich for culinary expansion, fast for the home meal dilemma, fish favors those who want to learn its secrets.  Pay attention to the market source of your fish purchases and the knowledge takes you on world tour envious of all including Marco Polo. Salty cold water, inland streams or mountain rivers, each source teaches an understanding of why ‘ fish are what they eat’  from firm to soft texture, white or darker color, strong or subtle aroma.  With each fish is a self-contained statement of origin that cleanly defines a preference for preparations particular and rewarding.  The adventure of learning is all yours for the fishing.
With that mini salute to fish and is shellfish brethren I hereby introduce my continued lifetime love and ventures with ‘ fish’.  I have enthusiastically cooked and fantastically enjoy and supported fish as an afishionado in full form.  I bring you favorite thoughts and tales in a blog you will love:  May All Your Fish Come True!  I will take away your agony and forward you the ecstasy to love my Fabulously Intersting Sexy Halo of Fish.