I love fish.  As a chef and businessman I have been able to work with and enjoy fish commercially and at home from the smallest test beds filmed on satellite in Japan to setting up fish ponds and aquaculture farms in the United States, inland or by fresh or sea waters.  Heathly water, Healthy Food!  Healthy YOU!  I want to help and teach all and everyone how to appreciate fish no matter the variety.

For over thirty years I have studied, purchased, cooked and taught simple, flavorful, successful ways to fish and seafood.  Let’s cook together.  Bring your skills to that of a great fish cook. It’s not about spending money.  It is about good fish, happy cooks and fun flavors! For that reason I have created this spot for YOU. Become passionate about FISH. With the hallowed words of the great Jerry McGuire, I say to you…. “Let Me, Help YOU!” Shake your fins with fish! And  with that in mind:  MAY ALL YOUR FISH COME TRUE!

michael foley, master fish cook


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