Get Fit with Fish

Simple Easy, Fun and Friendly.  
What more could you ask for from a beautiful 6-7 ounce 
piece of Pescatore?!  If you love that endorphn rush 
from your workout, it will be a whole lot more 
' rushier ' with a lean body built from clean, 
flavorful protein from a great cooked piece of fish!  
Nutritionally dense, efficient calories and 
cell building, Shake your Fins with FISH for easy, 
lean and tasty!  

Pan Roasted Spiced Whitefish 
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Preparation Time: 5 minutes

For the rub
1/4     cup chili powder
1       Tablespoon curry powder
2       teaspoons celery salt
1       teaspoon dry mustard
1       teaspoon oregano
1       teaspoon parsley flakes
1       teaspoon onion powder
1       teaspoon garlic powder
1       teaspoon white pepper

For the fish
1       Tablespoons butter
2       6-7 ounce pieces, boned skin on Whitefish

Mix together all ingredients. Store in air-tight 
container until ready to use.  

To prepare fish, take it out of the refrigerator.  
Using a paper towel, pat dry on both sides. 
Rub both pieces of fish on each side with 1 full 
teaspoon of this spice mix.  

Warm a ten inch skillet over medium heat, add the 
butter and when it stops foaming, slide in each piece 
of fish skin side down.  Cook 3 minutes over medium 
heat until the edges just start to show a little white.  
Turn, and cook two more minutes.  

Remove fish to a tasty pile of seasoned green beans or 
slivered zucchini, dressed lightly with vinegar, olive 
oil and a drop of two of lemon juice. 
May All Your Fish Come True.  


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